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Černohorské rašeliniště


Černohorské rašeliniště

   Černohorské rašeliniště - the biggest forest peatland called "Cernohorske raseliniste" arised in saddle between Cerna and Svetla hora, approximately in 60 hectares, in Giant Mountains. These forest peatlands have more sedges than other types of peatlands. The biggest depth in Cernohorske raseliniste is two and half metres and total volume of peat is approximately 420.000 m3. Yearly precipitation is approximately 1.400 mm, snow cover is from November to May, the height of snow is three metres in some localities. Mean yearly temperature is approximately +2°C /in Trutnov is mean yearly temperature app. +6,8°C/. A lot of interesting aminals live here. The deers live in this locality too. Cernohorske raseliniste and its scene come under I. and II. Zone, stricter limit of persons activity is valid here. Administration of Giant Mountain National Park established cca 4,5 km long nature trail with many tables. This nature trail goes from Cerna bouda to Vaclavak, Hubertova vyhlidka, Velke Pardubické boudy. You can come to nature trail from many places, you can go in red touring tour from Pec pod Snezkou, also from the top of Cerna mountain - from top station of cable car or you can go in green touring tour from Janske Lazne /Way T/.
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