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Adršpach Rocks

Adršpašsko-teplické skály (Adršpach-Teplice rocks)

You can't see so many fantastic places as in the area of Adršpach-Teplice rocks everywhere. Adršpach-Teplice rocks are one of the greatest and wildest rock towns in the Middle Europe. They are not one-day attraction, you may enjoy them for your whole life.

The sandstone-rock town on the northeastern Bohemia charms tourists since 18th century, when a fire burnt all the flora in the area. The beauty of the sandstone objects then was somehow emphasised by the bold countryside. Since then the tourist tracks were established and rock-climbers started to reach the tops of every stone objects. The names of the stone objects were chosen in the 18th century as well. Amongst the most popular are Milenci (Lovers), Starosta a Starostová (Mayor and his wife), Homole cukru (Sugar loaf), Krakonošova lenoška (Krakonoš´s easychair), Džbán (Jug) or Sloní náměstí (Elephant square).

Some sandstone-rock towns are accessible only by ladders. Namely high-leveled sandstone lake, where you can enjoy a ride on a ferry-boat with funny driver, is very well hidden. You can hardly get there with a baby coach, wheelchair or a broken leg. Those who can not get to the high-leveled lake can admire azur lake in the entrance to the area of Adršpach rocks. The boats can be hired as well.


The rock town has unrepeateable charm in every season. In last few years the complex of Adršpach-teplice rocks gained popularity abroad. Because during weekends and holidays there are lots of people, it is advisable to visit the area during the ordinary day out of season. Somehow forgotten Broumov bulge offers wonderful possibilities for spending your holiday.

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