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We offer direct contact with the beautiful surrounding nature and the wind in your hair.

But don't confuse this with a parachute jump, a paragliding wing works like an airplane wing, but flies much slower.

Černá hora is the best in the Czech Republic for paragliding due to its altitude.

You will see spectacular views of the Krkonoše, the Orlické Mountains, the Jizera Mountains or the foothills.

We offer shorter "familiarization" flights, where we end the smooth gliding through the air from Černá hora by landing on the meadow near Černý Důl. These flights are also suitable for children.

We will spend 10-15 minutes in the air.

Age is not limited parents can fly with us with a co-pilot.

Longer " thermic" flights are offered for those who want to be in the air longer.

This flight lasts 20-30 minutes, with the possibility of extending the flight after agreement depending on the weather.

Sportswear is recommended.

Option to bring your phone or camera on a cord around your neck so you don't worry about losing it.

But be warned, there is one danger: those who have flown once will want to fly again!

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