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History of Janske Lazne

According to the chronicler Simon Huttel from Trutnov, was the warm spring discovered in Janské Lázně by Jan Hockowy,  Albrecht of Trautenberks varlet, in  June 1006. The first use of the mountain spring was quite practical – a water- wheel drive for an iron mill. First bath – a very primitive one , was established in 14th century . It was just a frame house.The first building intended for housing was built in 1485. The iron mill  burned down and was replaced by a corn mill in 1495.

A quicker development begun in 1675, when Jan Adolf, prince of Schwarzenberg started the history of the spa by building  next six houses and by asking Dr. Hettmayer to write a treatise on medical effects of the spring water. In 1685 were there already 22 houses, a corn mill , hostelry and a cure house. The owners changed during the history and finally in 1902 bought the spa the community and then, in 1920 was established a “joint-stock company” . 1928- 1st cable railway  to Černá hora       1935-  introduction of new methods of polio treatment after the American spa Warm Springs During the WW II  was Janské Lázně changed into a military hospital and a hostel for expatriates from lost territories. In a short period after the end of the war became Janské Lázně  famous by its successes in treatment of complications resulting from polio. After 1948, many hotels and pensions were changed into trade unions convalescence homes. Every year came here crowds for there recreation.      1977- 1st television transmitter on Černá hora 1980- a  new cable railway is built and a new medical institution for children Vesna is opened   Since the change of the regime in 1989 many hotels and pensions started to be private again, The spa remain state-owned. The biggest building of this period is a new Commercial Academy for disabled students, opened in 1994.