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Tips for biking

1. Giant Mountain cycling nature trail

1. Krkonošská cyklistická naučná stezka (horské kolo) * Krkonoše

This nature trail was established in June year 2001 and goes through the most interesting places of Černa and Světla hora /Black and Bright Mountains/. Total length of nature trail is 16 km. Top station of cable car is ideal starting place. The cyclists can stay away from unpleasant climbing. 9 thematic information tables are installed in this nature trail. Track of nature trail goes in III. Zone of Giant Mountains National Park /KRNAP/, from this reason is very important to respect the visiting rules. The cyclists can be in nature trail to 5.00 p.m., it is from the reason to ensure the quiet for forest animals. Starting track to nature trail goes from top station of cable car around Sokolska and Cerna Bouda /chalets/ to crossroads below Cerna Bouda /chalet/ - touring sign MTB Nr. 19A, 1B, the 1st track of nature trail starts here. The 1st track of nature trail goes through very interesting places in Cerna and Svetla hora /Black and Bright Mountains/.

9 thematic information tables are installed in this nature trail, with proper text:

- crossroads below Cerna bouda - opening table - basic information about nature trail

- Zrcadla - panorama of main ridge in Giant Mountains with description of the hills

 - saddle below Kolinska bouda - touring history in Giant Mountains

- above Vaclavak - impact to deforestation

- Pěticestí - history MTB

- Vlašské Boudy - management, chalets

- Krausovy Boudy - hunting

- u Modrých kamenů - geomorphology


Text in thematic tables is in 3 languages. You can find the map of nature trail with the indication where are you and the photos in the tables.
1. Giant Mountain cycling nature trail was established with the co-operation between Administration of Giant Mountain National Park registered office in Vrchlabi and the company MEGA PLUS Limited, Janské Lazne - owner and operator of cable car Janské Lázně - Černá hora.
Total length of the 1st track of nature trail is 16 km