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ZOO Dvůr Králové nad Labem

 Opening time: 9am – 6pm 

Just in one day you can explore the great plains of African safari, visit the African savannah, squeeze your way through the tropical rainforest or reveal the secrets of life on the coral reef. Let us enchant you with a fascinating view of large herds of animals. Enter into an illusion of Africa.

Set out on the African safari. Take a adventurous ride in safari bus into large plains of African safari and spot grazing herds of zebras, wildbeasts, elands and other antelopes. African safari ride during the daytime is included in admission charge. Enjoy Evening safari or Offroad safari as well, and watch the wildlife as in real Africa at twilight.

There is plenty to see. We keep 2 300 animals, the largest collection of african animals in Europe. Mysterious okapis, Tropical Wetlands, African Savannah, Water World and other 12 unique animal houses and exhibits including the ultimate art gallery of Zdeněk Burian‘s large canvas featuring prehistoric animals.

So close to animals. No bars, no cages.You can almost touch the animals, so close you shall be. Glass or ditch are the only barriers.

No barriers. There are neither steep stairs nor slopes. You can even get on the safari bus with a pram of wheelchair easily as well.

 Price list:

Adults 195 CZK

Children 50 CZK

Family 660 CZK

Dog 100 CZK